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Welcome to the Viper Owners Association, the premiere car club for owners who are passionate about their Dodge/SRT Vipers. Our goal is simply to help Viper owners have a more enjoyable ownership experience by providing a community environment to share Viper passion with other owners. Join us and live life at redline!

New Car... New Club!

In 2013, SRT launched the new Gen V Viper, and in 2014, we've launched a brand new club for all Viper owners. We've taken the lessons we've learned from the past 20 years and started fresh to build the best car club on the planet. We are committed to running an efficient, member-driven, regionally-focused organization that will put the fun back into your club experience. We have established a strong relationship with our manufacturer and are on our way to making this the PREMIER Viper club. Our commitment is from the top down - as we have the most experienced and dedicated club leaders around.

We've already built a strong and enthusiastic network of 34 local affiliate regions around the world! Check out the map: to see which region is closest to you. Join us and you'll receive our high-quality, quarterly magazine with the latest Viper news, stunning photography and regional club updates, membership badges, access to local and national events, website/forum access, free goodies, liability insurance coverage at our events, manufacturer access, and best of all, the camaraderie of fellow Viper owners.

Welcome to the new VOA! Get involved, enjoy, and be proud of your club!

VOA Reveals 2015 Bucket List Club Events

In between NVE 1 and NVE 2, we are featuring region events that are “bucket list” events! Places you’ve wanted to visit, so why not join your Viper friends and let them show you a good time? Here’s the preliminary list in addition to the COTA event that is being announced:

TAIL OF THE DRAGON – MAY 28-31, 2015 – What better way to drive the Tail of the Dragon than with all your Viper buddies? Join the 10th anniversary of this event as the VOA AL/TN region does it up big!

STEAMBOAT SPRINGS – July 2015 – Join the VOA CO/UT/WY region for scenic mountain tours, autocross, a car show, and more in Steamboat Springs, CO, next Summer.

TAHOE TOUR – September 2015 – Visit scenic Lake Tahoe with the VOA Northern California region and drive the twisty mountain roads, play in the Casinos, and take a riverboat dinner cruise across the lake in early Fall.

VOA Bucket List Event #1: Drive COTA for $595!

The Circuit of the Americas (COTA) track in Austin, Texas, is the newest and highest rated Formula One track in the world with its 3.4 miles of smooth asphalt, 20 of the sexiest curves in racing history, and 133 feet of elevation changes. Driving COTA at speed is quite simply the ultimate bucket list item for track rats and race enthusiasts alike. On December 13th, 2014, the VOA South Central Texas region is providing VOA members with the opportunity to experience this thrill for the unheard of price of just $595 per driver! This price includes track rental, safety staff, instructors, dinner and event shirt. Bring a guest to the track and dinner for only $95!

This is not lead/follow, it’s an open track day with liberal passing in four run groups of 35 cars! Beginner, intermediate, advanced, and pro, so no matter what level experience you are or what type of Viper you have, we WILL accommodate you! Each group will receive five 20 minute sessions during the day. Instructors will be provided to all and will assist and coach you through this very technical track.

To make things more fun, there’s a Hill Country cruise and BBQ crawl on Friday, optional spouse activities on Saturday, and an optional brunch cruise on Sunday. Registration will begin on August 8th, the event website will go live very soon and will have all the details! This is a club-exclusive event, so you must be a VOA member to register! Space is limited to 140 drivers, once it is sold out there will be no more openings, so don’t delay on registration day.

There may never be a cheaper opportunity to drive COTA, so if it’s on your bucket list, do it now! In fact, this is the first of a series of VOA “Bucket List Events” that VOA will be featuring around the country. It makes a great Christmas gift for your track-rat Viperholic, or for yourself!

NVE 2 - New Orleans Here We Come!

If you missed our first National Viper Event (NVE) in Detroit, don't fret.
We've already begun working on NVE 2. We're heading to New Orleans for dinners,
cruises, plantation tours, and track fun at the recently-built NOLA track.
And who knows what we might give away... Save the date! May 12-15, 2016!

Dan Knott Legacy Golf Tournament. Benefitting New Horizons Rehabilitation Services

You are cordially invited to join the life celebration of Dan Knott, with the Family, Friends and colleagues of one of the best friends the Viper Community has ever known. Very few individuals in the history of Viper have walked hand-in-hand with Viper Owners as if they were a full part of the fabric of all things Viper. Dan lived that mantra and provided Viper and its owner base with a voice and a seat at the big table (Chrysler Executive Management) for many years and always fought to position the club as the official voice for Viper. So come say thanks and help out his most important cause the New Horizons Rehabilitation Services. This is an EXCLUSIVE invitation from the Executives at Chrysler Fiat to come on out and participate in the celebration of the life of one of the best friends the Viper Community has ever had. For more info, visit the forum below: