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Welcome to the Viper Owners Association, the premiere car club for owners who are passionate about their Dodge/SRT Vipers. Our goal is simply to help Viper owners have a more enjoyable ownership experience by providing a community environment to share Viper passion with other owners. Join us and live life at redline!

Worldwide! The Largest Viper Club In Existence

In 2013, SRT launched the new Gen V Viper, and in 2014, we launched a new club for all Viper owners. We've taken the lessons we've learned from the past 20 years and started fresh to build the best car club on the planet. In our first year, we built a club with 36 regions around the world (check out our map at, club member services, published a world-class magazine on a quarterly basis, built a website and forums, held our first national event, provided significant discounts for members, and more! Our club is efficient, member-driven, and regionally-focused and puts fun in your club experience. We have established a strong relationship with our manufacturer and are on our way to making this the PREMIER Viper club. Our commitment is from the top down - as we have the most experienced and dedicated club leaders around.

Join us and you'll receive our high-quality, quarterly magazine with the latest Viper news, stunning photography and regional club updates, membership badges, access to local and national events, website/forum access, free goodies, liability insurance coverage at our events, manufacturer access, and best of all, the camaraderie of fellow Viper owners.

Welcome to the new VOA! Get involved, enjoy, and be proud of your club!

Club Renewals Now Open

We had a strong year – we’ve completed our 2nd NVE recently, outgrew our previous year’s club membership numbers, and now set on a very strong financial standing. This next year is going to even better! We’ve now opened the gates for renewals to begin for 2017, you know the routine! I ask all members to help us by being diligent with their renewals – it helps avoid gaps in service which is the #1 cause of complaints. Last year’s renewals went EXTREMELY well, as 75% renewed on time! We credit that to our new super-easy way of renewing, no login needed, just follow the special customized link! It literally takes seconds. If you are a current member and did not receive an email from us with a special link, please contact us.

If you are not a current club member, but want to join - simply click the "Join" button at the left side of this page and join the best Viper club on earth!

Shop The VOA Store

Did you know the VOA has built the largest club store in existence related to Viper and club related merchandise! The VOA store has very reasonable prices and a wide variety of items. We keep our inventory up to date with lots of constantly changing new items. You'll find art, apparel, collectibles, novelties, tools, magazine back issues, and cool car stuff! There is also a sale and closeout section with drastic discounts on special items. And of course, the VOA store offers GIFT CARDS - the best gift you can give to the Viper fanatic who is truly impossible to shop for! And we just released out newest item, car matching short sleeve VOA t-shirts! They're available in many color matched selections to match your car. And who else often packs and ships items the SAME DAY!?! We do... Shop the VOA Store >>

NVE3 Location Revealed

We've made it a tradition to announce the location of the next NVE, at the previous NVE's grand finale dinner. NVE's begin their planning over 2 years in advance and we enjoy giving people a glimpse of what's to come! For those who couldn't attend NVE2, you may not know the location of the next big event.... Well, our next location has been revealed - NVE3 will be held in 2018 in... LAS VEGAS!

To take things even further, we've already established the NVE3 website to get you excited (! We also have very active forums on our website, discussions have already begun in the NVE3 section. As always, registration will open well in advance (Q3/4 of 2017). Want to be part of the only Viper gathering this large on the planet? No one else does it like us! We look forward to seeing everyone in Vegas, it'll never be the same place again!

VOA Magazine, Viper Quarterly, Wins Big at IAMC

The International Automotive Media Competition (IAMC), is a program to recognize and encourage excellence in all forms of automotive media. Each year it hosts a competition to award the best in the business. Well, our magazine, Viper Quarterly, has just won some very high honors. We didn't win one award, two awards, or even four... our mag won a staggering NINE awards!! This includes not only the individual judging, but also includes two competitive awards that won OVERALL "Best of" categories! Big thank you to our Viper Quarterly editor/designer Maurice and Debbie! And yes, we go up against magazines like Motorweek and Gears, wow!! A quick breakdown of all of the awards are below:

BEST OF DIVISION AWARDS (These are the BIG ones!)
• Best Overall Automotive Magazine – VQ Winter 2015
• Best Magazine Graphics – ACR Is Back

• Overall Publication – VQ Winter 2015
• Feature Story Graphic Design - ACR Is Back
• Road Test Report – ACR For Road &/Or Track

• Feature Story Design – 24 Hours at LeMans
• Autobiography – Member Profile: Jeffrey Binder

• Feature Story – Think Pink!
• Single Photo – Dark Knight

We truly have a magazine we can proud of! If you wish to receive our multi-award winning magazine, or gift it to someone special, you can order a subscription anytime:

NVE2 - A Raging Success!

This was a monumental event, and it happens only once every 2 years! It's the largest Viper owner gathering in the world and is hosted by the VOA - the picture struggling to capture the sea of people. The 2016 National Viper Event 2 (NVE2) was held in New Orleans this year and was a monumental success, drawing over 700 participants and hundreds of Vipers. The event was crafted to be a vacation style event, meant to be as much about the participants and the venue, as it is about the car. It offered some unique experiences which included special locations, lavish dinners, riverboat cruises, an extreme track day, Dodge events, Viper cruise, tours, shopping, vendors, auctions, special guests, free gifts, and oh yes - a free Viper to one lucky winner! It was also sprinkled with some free time in strategic places to offer attendees moments to gather with smaller groups/friends/family, as well as offer some time to wind down (and of course wash their cars)! The club took over the town as you could always hear the distinctive sound of Vipers in the distance regardless of where you stood in the city. It was clear the event hit its mark as owners got their fill of fun in a truly special place. And as is customary, on the final night we also revealed the site of our next NVE event which has already been planned... NVE3 will be held in - Las Vegas!! Expect the unexpected as some interesting plans are being laid. We'll see you there in 2018!

Congratulations To Doorprize Viper Winners

What other car club gives away a brand new car as a doorprize, and not just any car, a brand new one-of-one Viper? VOA congratulates Justin and Meredith Freeman from Katy, Texas, who won the Voodoo II doorprize Viper at NVE2!! The Freemans just purchased their first Viper in March 2016, and immediately joined VOA and signed up for NVE2 -- and they're glad they did! "We never win anything," said Justin, "So this was a complete surprise!" Justin's first Viper is also a black Gen V Viper, with graphite stripes, so the two complement each other nicely in the garage. Justin said, "This is such a great club. It's fun being with other Viper owners and sharing the camaraderie. This event has been incredible!"

VOA thanks the Voodoo II sponsors for their help in creating this one-off Viper; ViperExchange, Fifth Dimension Collision Repair, Viper Parts USA, and Venzano. Without dedicated supporters like these, none of this would be possible!